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Picture A
Picture B
Does the outside of your Upvc door lock and handle
look similar to picture A or B?

Well if you said A then a burglar could get into your
property in less than 30 seconds and without any noise
what so ever.

The outside of your lock should be flush with the handle
as in picture B. The inside is more for vanity and does
not matter as much.

The police are well aware of this and generally give
advice about this after you have been burgled. It is on
the increase. We should know, as we are called to so many
burglaries daily to do the repairs and make the property
more secure than it was before the burglary. It costs
more to put it right after the event because of the
damage to the door and lock in a matter of seconds.
When all this could have been prevented at a fraction
of the price.

Stokesley Locksmiths could make both sides flush to keep
out the burglars and the weather from as little as 59
including parts and labour 3 new keys and 1 years guarantee,
oh yes the locks we put on are 6 pin quality locks which
is what the insurance and police highly recommend.
In fact, you could find your insurance company may refuse
to pay out if they find that you only had a cheap 5 pin
lock at time of burglary, the locks most other locksmiths
and double glazing firms put on to save themselves money.
See your insurance policy for what is required.
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