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Picture A
Picture B
Does your Upvc handle look similar to picture A or B?
Well if you said (A) then you could be risking been
locked in or out without any further warning.

The handle should be horizontal as in picture B, this
does not always means that the springs in the handles have
dropped (spring broken).

In fact in most case it has nothing to do with the handles
it only appears to look like the handles are broken.

The main reasons handles start to look like the one in
picture A is due to your Multipoint locking systems (MPL)
is failing and must be replaced as soon as possible.

Stokesley Locksmiths are called to so many homes where
the MPL has failed completely and they are locked out.
When all this could have been prevented at a fraction of
the price.

How! well do you know when the door needs that bit more
effort to lift the handle up then turn the key, well that is
the time when you need it looking at for as little as 49
we can prevent your MPL failing by giving your Upvc door a
professional service. The door has probably never had one
since it was installed.

You should have it serviced 10 months after the installation
and every 2 years after that or whenever the door catchers
on the frame or you are having trouble locking it. Give us a
call and we will sort it for you at a fraction of the price of
a MPL.
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